How I got tired of violin

That’s right. Although I love violin so much now. I once got tired of it and felt lucky that I got rid of it.

I met my first violin when I was a second grader in elementary school. My mom talked me into practicing it because a whole bunch of kids in our school were doing it. It was more like an “ok I will do it” than “omg, this is amazing”.

So there I started my seven-year journey with violin. I should have been a rather professional performer if I were very into it or I were a prodigy. But I were neither.

But when did I start to get tire of it? Hm…I guess the answer is, I’d never really developed a passion for it. I was assigned to do it from the very beginning till the end. My mom decided for me when I were to play and for how long I were to play everyday. It was normally in the morning 6’clock for an hour and another hour after school. Imagine what kind of music(noise?) would a sleepy girl make out of her 1/4 cheap practice violin. How kind were my neighbors to have tolerated me for seven years. My teacher decided for me whose songs I were to play so I didn’t really have a musician that I was very familiar with or in favor of.

The worst of all, I guess, is the fact that I had to pass the violin level examination. This is still one of the stupidest thing I have done in my life. It usually happened in the summer when I didn’t have school to attend. Guess what, I had to play 5-7 hours per day, practicing several same songs everyday. I couldn’t tell if I were improving or not. It just numbed me.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I was forced to play on a square at night, where hundreds of people were looking at me when I played. It was supposed to lift my courage for the test. But it was against my nature. I was shy and introverted. It really made me extremely uncomfortable. And yes, I screwed the test.

Anyway. When I left home and went to high school, I lived in a dorm and I didn’t have time to play anymore. I was relieved. For another seven years until the end of 2014, it never came to me that I should pick it up again. It just somehow struck me as an feasible idea, and soon developed into a pending desire.

I never regret having picked it up when I was six and then let go of it. Without that experience, maybe I wouldn’t appreciate being able to play it whenever and however as I like now.

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