Electric violin – innovation or heresy?

The idea of getting an electric violin first came to me when I was choosing for my first violin in the states. I had never played an electric violin before, nor had I thought about playing one. Classic music and classic violin is the true music to me. I’ve always thought that any electronization of classic instrument is total heresy. But just as a classic violin has things that a electric violin can never achieve, an electric violin also have its beauty and advantages over a classic violin.

Playing violin in a quiet neighborhood or a dorm is frustrating. You never know when your neighbors will knock on your door and ask you to stop practicing. Even though there are metal and rubber mute available on the market for classic violins, you will still get a little bit of the sound that are not acceptable at midnight. For people like me who live in an apartment where I can hear the vibration of my neighbor’s cellphone and her snores sometime, it really makes it impossible for me to practice violin after 10 p.m., when my energy for journalism kind of die down and need the refill of inspiration. That’s when an electric violin comes in handy. When you plug in a head phone to the electric violin, it really makes it mute. What you can hear is the sound of the bow rubbing the strings, which is not sharp nor noticeable at all. While your neighbor will never know that you are playing violin, you can put the headphone on and enjoy (suffer?) the music all by yourself.

There are other merits of an electric violin that make it really popular. It is super easy to record a song with an electric violin with the cleanest quality of sound you can get. Want a album of your songs recorded? Electric violin makes it possible with just a chord connected to your computer. Also, for electronic music fan, and electric violin definitely is their best choice, saving them the trouble of plugging to amplifier and other boxes.

All in all, although I already bought a classic violin in America, and I like it a lot. I still wanted to get a electric violin sometime. It gives a brand new sense of playing music – it looks modern and customized, and also makes playing music and creative.

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