Brianna Kahane — a child prodigy violinist that wows me every time she plays

I normally hate to use or see words like child prodigies. It makes me feel that it will spoil children with real talents at a young age and encourage them to get off on the wrong feet. But when I first saw a video of Brianna Kahane performing violin at age of 8, it blows my mind. And after getting to know her a little bit more, I have to agree that she is absolutely a child prodigy in music.

Brianna Kahane hopes her talents will help raise funds, material to rebuild a music school in Haiti that collapsed during January’s earthquake. Credit: Daily News

Brianna Kahane started to play violin at 3 years old when she saw someone playing violin and the beautiful music instantly filled her heart. She begged her mom for violin lessons and has been good at it ever since.

That sounds like a familiar story that happens to every child prodigy. I started to play violin when one day my mom came home and said to me: “A bunch of kids of my colleagues are learning violin and I think you should do that too.”

Guess that’s why I was never a prodigy.

Anyway. Brianna Kahane wowed the crowd wherever she played. People were amazed by how this little body could have the acute memory of songs, her perfect pitch and her insight into music.

To be honest, I am not impressive her perfect pitch or memory, but the insight she has for each piece of music she plays and how she manages to bring the music alive really make me so jealous. Those are something one can never learn or gain from teachers or by imitation. Nor will it come with just lots of practice. They are things that either you have it or you don’t. I’ve seen a lot of kids that has really amazing talents of performing music precisely as it is indicated on the sheet music by the composer. They has techniques to play an extremely complicated piece that even surpass most adult violinists. But you rarely see a soul. You only see a kid showing off the superb skills he/she has as is unusual among their age. When a real talent plays a piece, you see pictures and scenes, you smell the rosin as the bow touches the string. It gives you chill and make you feel whatever is on the performer’s mind.

All of these I’ve listed, I have seen them on Brianna Kahane. One thing great about this little girl is that she is not only a talented violinist, but also a philanthropist who performs on various fundraising parties and helped raise millions of dollars. She does what she thinks what she is doing can do: music makes the world a better place.

Now Brianna Kahane is studying at the Juilliard School Hyo Kang and I Hao Le. I wish she could be as good as she is now, and becomes the next Sarah Chang (as she is one of my favorite).

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